Welcome to Publishing Grants using 360Giving!

So, your organisation has decided to publish its grants using the 360Giving standard. That’s great! You’ve taken a big step to help make grantmaking even more impactful with open data.

If you’re a community foundation who uses Salesforce, see our guide

Already published and looking for guidance on how to make your published data even better? Check out our guidance

Here’s what the journey looks like from here:

  • Getting started: understand the 360Giving standard, learn about how other organisations have published, and find out where to get support
  • Concept Mapping: Look at the data that you have in your organisation, and how it can be represented using the 360Giving Standard
  • Publication Policy: Develop a policy for your organisation about what to publish, and how often
  • Data Use: Discover ways in which your data can help your organisation improve, especially when combined with data from elsewhere
  • Initial Data: Create a small, sample data file and assess it using the Data Quality Tool
  • Improve Data: Building on feedback from the DQT, fix any issues and add additional data that you want to publish. You’ll do this several times, as your data improves
  • Publish: Find an appropriate place on your website to publish the file, and upload it


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